[iTunes] Lana Del Rey : Lust for Life [Explicit]

[iTunes] Lana Del Rey : Lust for Life [Explicit]

Artist/ศิลปิน: Lana Del Rey
Distributor/ตัวแทนจำหน่าย: UNIVERSAL MUSIC (THAILAND) LIMITED
Studio/ค่ายเพลง: Polydor UK
Album/อัลบัม: Lust for Life [Explicit]
Genre/แนวเพลง: Alternative
Released: Jul 21, 2017
iTune Available: Yes

ราคา: 200.00 บาท



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[iTunes] Lana Del Rey : Lust for Life [Explicit]

Track Listing:

1. Love
2. Lust for Life (feat. The Weeknd)
3. 13 Beaches
4. Cherry [Explicit]
5. White Mustang
6. Summer Bummer (feat. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti) [Explicit]
7. Groupie Love (feat. A$AP Rocky) [Explicit]
8. In My Feelings [Explicit]
9. Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind
10. God Bless America - And All the Beautiful Women In It
11. When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing [Explicit]
12. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (feat. Stevie Nicks)
13. Tomorrow Never Came (feat. Sean Ono Lennon)
14. Heroin [Explicit]
15. Change
16. Get Free